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Experienced Custom Framing Shop In Singapore.

YON TAI started its humble beginnings in China as a Fine Art Specialist Frame Maker.

Having relocated to Singapore in 2009, Yon Tai’s professional services were highly sought after by other frame makers in the industry. Today, we serve valued clients such as museums, private gallery owners, fine art collectors and students.

Yon Tai Frame Maker offers end-to-end solutions including Custom Framing, Chinese Artwork Restoration, Sales & Purchase of Fine Art.

永泰装裱 在中国起步时是一家美术专家相框制造商。

2009 年迁往新加坡后,永泰的专业服务受到其内行人士的认可,委托永泰做画框裱画等的工作。如今,我们的顾客群包括博物馆、私人画廊、收藏家和学生等。

永泰装裱 为顾客提供一系列的服务,包括定制框架、国画宣纸字画修复、艺术品销售和采购。无论是定制油画框、十字绣框、圆角画框或装裱字画和大型书画长卷等,永泰都能做到。

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