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Your Trusted Artwork Framer Since 2018

Custom Framing & Artwork Restoration Services

Yon Tai Frame Maker provides affordable and quality fine art framing services for your home, office, shops and galleries.


150 South Bridge Road
#01-10 Fook Hai Building
Singapore 058727
🕙 Opening hours
Monday – Saturday:
11:00 am – 18:30 pm
Sunday & PH:
11:00 am – 17:00 pm
Choosing The Right Frame

From paintings to photos & prints, we frame them all.

Framing can protect and prolong the lifespan of your beloved artwork. We work with valued clients, galleries and museums in Singapore to provide professional framing services for a wide range of artworks.

本店主要业务按照客户的要求定做画框。 我们以传统手工裱画为您服务。无论是定制油画框、十字绣框、圆角画框或装裱字画和大型书画长卷等,永泰都能做到。此外,我们也有修复旧书画和销售收购名人字画的服务。品质保证!

About Us

Trusted by professional industry frame makers in Singapore.

Yon Tai Frame Maker specializes in custom frame making, Chinese painting mounting, restoration of damaged and yellowed Chinese paintings and calligraphy. Choose from over 300+ types of frames to turn your artworks into beautiful fine art for your home and office.

永泰装裱专门从事订制画框、国画裱框、修复损坏的国画和书法。我们清理超时变黄的国画。超过300 多种框架给您任选任挑!


Restoration of Yellowed Chinese Calligraphy
Framing of Chinese Calligraphy for Office
For Aged & Mouldy Works

Chinese Rice Paper Restoration

At Yon Tai Frame Maker, we specialise in restoring aged, yellow and mouldy Chinese rice paper calligraphy and paintings.

With years of experience, trained techniques and the right tools, we are able to provide the following professional services:

  • Remove yellow spots and stains
  • Re-mount artwork on scroll or silk
  • Mould removal and cleaning
  • Repair tears and cracks on artwork
  • Watermark and damage repair

To get an accurate and fair quote, kindly send photos of your damaged artwork or bring it down to our shop for assessment. 


  • 去除作品黄色斑点和污渍
  • 新安装卷轴或丝绸
  • 模具去除和清洁
  • 修复作品上的撕裂和裂缝
  • 去除水印和其他损坏
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Our Customer Reviews

"Affordable & Great Quality Framing Services!"

I needed urgent framing services for my fine art painting and Yon Tai managed to deliver in time for my assignment. Highly recommended!
Evelyn Sim
Experienced and professional frame maker in Chinatown near my office. The boss is friendly & knowledgeable. I trust him with my art collection.
Mr. Tan JH
Found out about Yon Tai through a friend's recommendation. It's a small workshop, but the service is great and really affordable. Thank you vm.
Yang Rui Tian
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